Meet the team

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The furbags behind the desk!

  • X-Pets HQ Nonny Mouse

    Nonny Mouse is head honcho of X-Pets. He keeps things ticking over and liaises with the human of the family to check she's doing her job properly and is up to speed with everything. His hobbies are posing in his tights and cape and gazing at himself in the mirror when he's not out saving the innocent or fetching home the treats.

  • X-Pets Co-Admin - Mojo

    Mojo is co-Admin and helps out with our Twitter account and chooses the prize each month, which isn't easy because he's vertically challenged and can only see the bottom shelf in Pets At Home. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, and checking under things.

  • X-Pets Dogs Body - Dora

    Dora is the girl Friday of the team. She makes the tea, gets the snacks, does the filing, and tests the monthly prizes. Her hobbies are chewing up toys, digging holes, teasing her brothers and generally being a minx.