Welcome to X-Pets HQ!

The International Club of Super Heroes!

X-Pet Super Heroes is a club for any kind of pet, from a tarantula to a toad, a cat to a cavie, dog to a dinosaur (ok a lizard), all types of birds, reptiles, dogs, cats, horses and mules! There's no distinction, because we're all Super Heroes!  Even stuffies are heroes! All Super Heroes are equal, we all have individual special skills and we all know how to use them! And our humans are all slightly insane! But hey! Who cares, we can take care of them!

We meet up the 2nd Sunday of each month on Twitter using the hashtag #XPSHQ to take part in a fab adventure. Each adventure is held in a different country and you get to discover something new about that county and its festivals and traditions, and at the end of the adventure theres a competition where the winner receives a groovy prize, very loosely related to that particular adventure! What's not to like? You get to hang out with equally mad pals, have a laugh and the chance to win something to boot.

Here at HQ you can read all the latest news about X-Pets events and adventures in our 'News' section,  check out our Super Hero goodies in our 'Store', grab our groovy X-Pets App,  post a message to HQ if you need to get in touch with us, or you can take your cape off, hang up your tights and just chill out!

Check out our 'Content' page to see extra stuff!

So how do you become an elite X-Pets Super Hero?

Its easy. Just tweet us @XPets1 and tell us your super power. It's that easy! Super powers can be anything from having irresistible eyes, a favourite trick, anything! Then we'll enrol you into our team, give you your virtual Super Hero outfit and name, issue you with your Super Hero personal bio and you're ready to rock!